Thursday, April 24, 2008

Why an iPhone is not for the fashionista - The iPhone review for the fashionables

Amidst all the craze and obsession surrounding the over-hyped iPhone, it has to be made clear right here, right now that the iPhone is not an accessory for fashionistas. Here are 3 reasons why you don’t need an iPhone.

Look & Feel
It’s a known fact that the iPhone manufacturers, Apple, is widely recognized for its sleek and forward designs. The iPhone is not an exception. BUT it’s not designed for a fashionista or a stylish woman. The size and shape itself speaks volume – literally. It’s probably going to fit a large tote but not your party clutch. One may argue that the Dolce & Gabbana Motorola RAZR is nearly the same size. The iPhone however is not as stylish or “blessed” by any fashion gurus.

Functions & Features
It’s funny how there is so much hype around the so-call brilliant, first-of-its-kind functions and features that iPhone offers. When you drill down to the hard core basics, iPhone offers just about everything else that any current cell phones offers. In fact, some Nokia’s are even better than iPhone. Alright, say you want to catch the latest Vogue Fashion on Demand podcast – you don’t need an Apple to do that. Wanna take a picture of you in your new Roberto Cavalli dress? Too bad the iPhone’s 2 megapixels won’t capture the finer details of the fabric and how nicely it falls on you.

It’s a statement icon – for Techies
Fashion is all about statement, which is why style is about choosing the RIGHT statement. So when it comes to phone, the statement for the fashionables is to support our friends like Miucca Prada or Dolce and Gabbana for their efforts in co-producing a sleek touch screen or a loud golden phone. It’s not about trying to jump on a bandwagon of mostly guys who happen to love their free company t-shirts and have an obsessive impulse to flick, swipe, and stare at their iPhones.

If you are looking for a new cell phone with great functions and goes well with your wardrobe, try looking at some of Motorola’s or LG’s. Not necessarily pointing to their D&G and PRADA phones, but also other models that they offer such as Motorola Z9 or LG Glimmer, giving you both great features and display and most importantly – a complete look that is both glamorous and stylish!

If you have to splurge, you don't have to read this and just look one way - Vertu.

Friday, April 11, 2008

White Shirts

I have an obsession with white shirts.

I discovered this obsession when one day I open my wardrobe and noticed that the white section (yes, I’m one of those that arrange my wardrobe according to colors, you’ll find it easier to see what you have) seems to dominate the rest of the colors hanging around it. I have white shirts and white blouses with different types of nuances, various style and length, some with stains more than others… regardless of that discovery, I still find white shirts/blouses very attractive and am constantly compelled to buy more. Maybe it represents some kind of pureness that comes with beauty and elegance. No wonder that it’s a classic and basic of all wardrobe must-haves.

Designers with their creative take on the Gap white shirts as shown on the cover of Vogue US May 2007 worn by "anonymous supers"

This notion is evidently shared by fashion retailers and designers alike this spring/summer season. White shirts of all kinds are blooming up everywhere – blooming because they more often than not come with puffy sleeves.

More Gap shirts

It has been surprisingly difficult to find images of these beautiful white shirts online simply because white shirt is such a common piece of clothing that all kinds of “common” conventional search results surface.

Fortunately retail giant H&M was able to offer up great samples of each style that I find fashion invest-able for this trend. The styles that I’ve chosen cover the basic designs that one can find easily anywhere. Oh and I’m absolutely crazy about white with denims.

Short sleeves

I chose this style because of the details on the shirt that makes it a little bit more special. Combine that with the length of the shirt makes a sweet top that can be paired with denims of any length.

¾ Sleeves

¾ sleeves tops are usually my favorite because of the complementary length. It’s enough to cover unsightly flabs on the upper arm while ending just above/below the elbows which gives a very slender shape to the lower arm.

Shirt Dress

The shirt dress is probably my favorite for this season and style plainly because wearing a shirt as a dress is simply sexy! From these two variations here, one has a conventional flat collar while the other has a standing collar which gives it an extra chic.

Otherwise, classic white shirts with wide lapels are also very sexy when cinched at the waist as illustrated by Jessica Alba and Victoria Beckham. The opening around the neck with the stiff collar just seems so -inviting!