Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Addicted to Looklet.com

Dear folks, my apologies again for the long silence. This time it's because I found a new fashion addiction in the name of Looklet.com.

Deriving from the very few facts around the website, the establishment is definitely Scandinavian and most likely Swedish. Yet another innovative and super-cool fashion product from Sweden (haven't they got enough yet with H&M, Acne, Cheap Monday, Tiger of Sweden and those models?!!).

It's like playing virtual barbie but better. I'm still "playing" around the website trying to find something that I could use here. Potentially, it could be great tool for me to better illustrate my thoughts on fashion and style.

Here are a few samples of what have been keeping me busy. ;-)

Off Duty Look
Playing with larger shapes. Ground silhouette with small, funky streamline accessories. Bold pink detail to give the dark look a pop of colour.

Why wear black when colours can make you happy in any weather, any season, any day? :-)

How to run a magazine - look sharp and fierce.

Working large and shapeless silhouette to give that laid back chic look.

Playing with plaid and all things laid-back. Chill...

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Trend Forecast 2010

The index of U.S. leading economic indicators rose in September for a sixth straight month, showing the economy is likely to expand into early 2010. The Conference Board’s gauge of the economic outlook for the next three to six months climbed a greater-than-forecast 1 percent, contributing to the biggest six-month gain in 26 years, the New York-based private research group said today. And that was the economy forecast from Bloomberg.

And here's our fashion forecast for 2010!!!

Gird your loins, as Style.com dishes the top ten upcoming trends for spring 2010! Let’s take a look shall we…

Standing at number one of the list is, whoa – digital prints! Never heard that one before, didn’t see it coming, never knew what hit me! OK seriously, just hold onto to those bright, colorful graphic prints you bought two seasons ago. Update them with some accessories, nudes, whatever. If you must invest and spend, look for prints that are “more” creative and original. Cue: something you haven’t already seen.

Next come something sporty. Now before you start running to grab those stinky tennis shoes that have been buried beneath your closet, something sporty in the fashion context translates to sophisticated, clean, relaxed lines. Think white and resort. Yeah…

No surprises that the omnipresent military style is here to stay. Ever since making its appearance in Balmain AW09, the powerful buttons and shoulders have proven their staying power and style impact. This is one good buy that will see you through seasons, literally. Let’s just hope all those buttons stays on.

Leather comes in nicely on the list too. After all the craze that is going around for biker chicks and BDSM worthy studs and spikes, leather continues its appeal into the lighter season in – lighter tones. Think nudes, light brown, butterscotch and soft as a baby texture. This is one style I’m in for100%, because leather is a luxury fabric that will make every penny worth its investment. Or maybe I’ve just reached the age when leather makes me look good and not old.

I’ve always loved lace and boudoir, which by the way, has such a lovely, throaty note to it that when exclaimed, resonates on all the sensual strings in our body. Come this spring, air out those racy lingerie of yours – by wearing them openly! At least according to Style.com. I recommend peek-a-boos or just lingerie inspired detailing, like lace, nets, sheer, chiffon, silk, satin…

Spring has and always will be a season for soft pastels and dreamy palettes. At the first sign of sun and spring, drop all things black and go pink. Pastels are generally a fail-safe option, except for the rare exception of looking “washed out”. So pucker up to bold red lips when going pasty…sorry, I meant pastel.

Um, wild prints are still in since they appeared in the 80s.

So are unforgiving body con dresses. Designers want us to wear super tight dresses right after we come out of winter hibernation with all our naturally stored up fats. Yes, the fashion industry is a hypocrite (just like life at most); they say “no-more” to skinny models but “more-more” to skinny dresses.

Denims stand at number nine on the list. If your distressed, acid washed, faded, tortured jeans are still in existence, they will serve you well again in the coming spring. Otherwise, denim shirts, denim jacket, denim skirts, denim watches will do just as well.

And the finale on the list are –horrors of horror – CLOGS! Gladiators and platforms were brilliant, but evolving them into clogs is simply – what’s the opposite of evolving? Sure, Karl Lagerfeld used it in his theatrical Chanel SS10 show, but it was for theatrics and it was a show! Clogs are officially the new crocs. We hate them as much as we wonder how in the world did they ever became popular?

Images: Style.com

Sunday, October 11, 2009

McQueen of my heart

Alexander McQueen’s RTW SS10 was definitely not what you have in mind when you think about the term ready-to-wear. McQueen’s resort 2010 collection on the other hand, had me going “ooh” and “aah” with every piece. The patterns, cuts and lines were all about precision while the colours intensify the designs. It was one of those rare collections that are so strong that you either want to own everything or get greatly inspired by it.

This look reminds me of the Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland. Could be the colours and lines, like in the maze. Not to be deterred by the bold patterns and colours, the jacket in this look can easily be worn with anything and everything for the touch of zaniness and fun.

Though fashion gurus always advise against matching patterns and lines, this looks seems to throw all those logic out the window. The space-age cool dress has such a strong persona of its own that you wouldn’t need to do much about accessorizing it, making it an easy dress to wear.

This cosmic cool metallic suit will update any boring, conventional office wear.

I love t-shirt dresses for those lazy days. Having a large blue splash motif on the front makes it all the better.

If you have the guts and talent, get creative and splash some paints on your old clothes to give them an artistic touch.

The zipper suit dress seems to be making quite the appearance in several collections now. Their body friendly cut and edgy detail makes it good fashion investment that will last through seasons.

This dress made my favourite list for several reasons: it’s in a bright colour, it’s yellow, it has lace, the lace has a special insect motif, it has a waistline and it has that very elegant 40’s style to it. Even Drew and Naomi approves of it.

Insect motif lace leggings – ingenious.

Images: Style.com

Friday, October 09, 2009


Masculine lines. Boyfriend blazers. Boyfriend jeans. Tuxedos. Androgyny. Tailored shirts. Classic lace-ups.

This list continues endlessly describing one of fashion's favourite trend of turning conventionally masculine pieces into chic feminine styles. Women find it fashionable, very modern and liberating to wear these manly clothes. I myself enjoy mixing it with feminine nuances to contrast, tone down or balance my looks.

But when will our male counterparts get to enjoy the freedom of wearing skirts and the fun of wearing dresses? We've been complaining that fashion has not been turning up anything fresh for years, so how about creating conventionally feminine pieces for men?

Sure, Kurt Cobain wore a dress (on stage) and Marc Jacobs goes around with a kilt-sorta-skirt nowadays. But they're not your boy-next-door.

The Sartorialist recently posted a picture of a very androgynous lady, dressed head to toe in manly styles, and people were commenting on how very chic and feminine she was. She was definitely interesting but feminine and chic, non. What really struck me however, was what if the gender circumstances was turned around, how would people have responded?

Well, there was a recent case, also found on The Sartorialist (hey, he IS listed as one of my two favourite sites), where an Asian guy was wearing some kinda long baggy pants over leggings and trainers. Most people just thought he was woman.

If we can have mannies, we could also have fashionable skirts for men and stylish man-dresses. Now that's something we could use more of in our everyday.

What's next Danish Fashion?

While chilling at the gym today, I lazily flipped through Jyllands Posten's (The Danish paper who started the Mohammed Cartoons debacle) business and economics section. Lazily, because reading Danish uses too much energy and business news are not really my cuppa unless it's something scandalous or about Steve Jobs. However, one particular article caught my eyes and got me reading.

Danish fashion needs to go abroad, reads the header, or something along that line.

Basically, the article was about how the Danish fashion industry has fared weathering the financial storm. The industry has shrunk 10% (I think it was export or just in general), 150 strong fashion houses were identified in the country and only a handful of which were truly big corporations. Fashion leaders in the country bid local designers to start looking abroad if they are to survive.

It was interesting because the article came just weeks after I posted my thoughts on the Danish fashion industry and resonated my sentiments.

BUT so much for pointing out the obvious. What about what to do next? Actions? How can we achieve whatever it is we want to achieve or solve whatever it is we want to solve? Any concrete suggestions or steps that we can follow?

Hell, gimme 500 000 dollars and see if I can bring Danish fashion to Asia! Now that's a concrete idea.

Stine Goya SS10

If there’s one designer that got it right, it’s Stine Goya.

Goya who unveiled her SS10 collection at the Copenhagen Fashion Week took a bold step forward and away from her usual strong, avant-garde design, to something more subtle, feminine and actually soft. Her immaculate cut and thought through designs were still visible but transferred into pieces that you’d grab off a rack without hesitation.

Flaunting her usual flair for theatrics, Goya brought the fashion crowd to a somewhat off-site location to present her SS10 show – a swimming hall. It was perfect! The audience sat around the step seats in a rectangular hall with an Olympic size pool in the center, and the poolside walkway became a fashionable catwalk for one night. While waiting for the show to start, the audiences were treated to popsicles to ward off the humid summer evening and shimmering synchronized swimmers for a slightly-off-yet-fabulous entertainment.

And when the show started, nearly every piece was a WOW. There were magical colours, glittering details, feminine lines and fluid materials – just like the water in the pool.

This look is still a bit too loose for my taste BUT the prints and patterns! WOW. And you gotta love someone who uses orange so beautifully.

The peplum jacket made a few appearances throughout the show and has somehow gotten stuck on me like a bubblegum. There’s something very classic and feminine about it and makes everything look so chic.

Orange maxi dress with short sleeves and glitters. Give me a belt and I’ll wear it everyday! Give me some jewelries and heels and I’ll wear it to my best friend’s wedding!

Not a big fan of jumpsuits but I love knots. And these knots on the top give the jumpsuit some bonus points.

The ultimate suit dress with gold zipper detailing that even Christian Siriano will approve.

Images: danishfashioninstitute.dk

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Cycling gear

My next project for myself is to aim to look somewhat like this when I cycle around Copenhagen. The classic backseat bags will be perfect for groceries and laptops. Now I just need to find the coat and hat.

Image: Tommy Ton for Style.com

Thursday, October 01, 2009

The September Issue

The September Issue was OK.

I got what I expected and was happy, but I never really had any special fondness for the real Vogue September 2007 issue despite it being a record breaking biggest issue ever. Exactly, whatever.

I’m sure it has over 840 pages of fashion but honestly, I believe more than 70% of those 840 pages were probably advertisements.

So when the docufilm showed only 1 scene of the Vogue sales team, I thought that was really unfair towards their significant contribution to making the issue what it is.

On the other hand, I was very satisfied to see “first hand” the behind-the-scene production process at Vogue and of course, Anna Wintour. I’ve always been a big fan of Ms. Wintour ever since I found out she was the EIC for my favourite mag, and I loved her even more when I learnt that she inspired the book, Devil Wears Prada. Never really an idol person, but if I had to have one, Anna Wintour would be my one.

The September Issue film satiated my curiosity and more by giving more insights the delightful and fiercely talented Ms. Grace Coddington. I absolutely adore her fashion stories; the details that she show and the attention that she gives to her work are just insanely brilliant.

But besides all that, the film was OK. Stereotypes about the fashion industry are still intact, nothing new and surprising was revealed. I think I was more excited with the trailer than when I walked out from the theater.

Blast from the Past

I was getting my daily dose of goss from people.com today when I came across a piece about Orlando Bloom and his girlfriend Miranda Kerr.

Miranda Kerr. Miranda Kerr. Miranda Kerr.

Something about that name seems so familiar and it prompted me to Google her up. And as always, Google never fails.

I cannot remember any one of the 20 filthy facts for Leo Lovers but I remember this - Miranda Kerr was the 1997 winner of the Dolly Magazine / Impulse Model Competition in Australia! It probably makes no sense to you but it makes all the sense to me! Since I turned 14 and was allowed a pitiful amount of allowance (seriously, some of my peers were getting like $50 and I was churning out chores at $0.50 per job), I’ve always saved every penny just to buy a magazine. Any magazine as long as it’s glossy and fashion. So apparently, Dolly magazine was one of them. (I also invested in Seventeen and bought my first Vogue when I was 17, when I was able to do more chores and smart enough to negotiate a better rate with mom.)

At that time in 1997, Miranda Kerr was just a sweet young 13 year old. God damn, I was so jealous of her for being so gorgeous already at such a young age. Nearly hated her if not for her oh-so-forgiving dimples that has now become her signature look.

Now in 2009, Miranda is dating Orlando Bloom, Australia’s first Victoria Secret Angel, the 10th top earning model on Forbes list and still ever more beautiful.

I like Miranda Kerr. She has that sweet girl next door charm that makes women like her and men want to talk to her.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

In Muggie we trust!

For those of you who enjoy having a little fun in life, trust in Muggie Moscow (http://www.muggiemoscow.dk/) to help you do just that! Michala Jensen, who created Muggie Moscow, comes up with the most out of this world creations that will make your head spin. From her signature star hairbands to her expanding quirky in your face accessories. Here are a few of my favourite picks.

I recently wore this top hat hairband to my birthday tea party where the theme was hats and bow tie. The hairband was an instant hit and fun attraction.

Get dotty in this dalmation inspired silk bow hairband.

Muggie is definitely not afraid to play with colours. This bold blue on pink design gets my nod.

One of her many signature star hairbands.

Dress up your heels and shoes with these party-ready silver sequin galoschers. They also come in stripes and leather for a more "casual" look.

Images: magnet-photos.com

Monday, September 28, 2009

Future statement

Clutches aren't just for evening when they come in such cool futuristic design such as this Emilio Pucci bean clutch in high octane silver. The funky deluxe design makes it a statement accessory for both day and night, casual and high end. My only wish is to make it see-through and then I'll put all my colourful essentials inside!!

I guess blue is fine with me too.

Image: net-a-porter.com

Never too much elegance

This is what I would opt for as an alternative to the usual floor sweeping evening gowns.

The open mandarin collar detail, tight bodice, slim belt, flowing skirt, and I can't see clearly from the image but it seem like the dress is silk with delicate embroidery detail. There's something very timeless, classic and superbly elegant about this dress. Oh, for the extra touch of luxe, throw on some fur!

Image: Style.com

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Elegant masculine lines

The boyfriend blazer from last season takes on a new shape and length in Araks SS10.

Image: Style.com

Of sweethearts and queens

Antonio Berardi's SS10 showed a lot of sweetheart bust lines, a classic romantic look that doesn't seem to come around enough these days. Two of the looks that really struck me or caught my favour were these two:

Once a while a go, I saw a friend's picture where she wears vintage black dress with chiffon top and it struck me how simple yet very feminine and sensual that detail can be. Ever since then, I've been looking out for dresses or tops like this and have yet to find the perfect one. However, this piece from Araks comes close. The graphic lines that accentuates the curves gives the soft look a modern twist for that uptown cocktail style.

This tube sweetheart dress won me over on both sides - front and back. The graphic lines and the colour block that reminds me of the Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland, but a slimmer and contemporary one. Instead of black, the back of this dress is blue.

Images: Style.com

Friday, September 25, 2009

Quaintly Blue

Blue and I have history. When my sister and I were growing up, my mom would always buy or sew us the same dresses in pink and blue. (I still haven't found out why specifically those two colours) And somehow, I always end up getting the blue ones. Through many years of conditioning and convincing myself that blue are for girls too, I guess the power of my mind won. Now in my adult years, anything electrically blue will send some kind of shock to my brain reception and trigger a series of chemical reaction that tells me that what is see - is awesome.

Last season's craze with colour was a galore for me and I'm loving the fact that this trend is continuing strongly. A recent visit to hm.com (just for inspiration and absolutely no intention of purchasing) ended up with a pseudo-wishlist. Most of them were blue, of course.
Simple yet strong skirt for an impact-ful day or weekend wear. Makes those difficult to match tops suddenly very versatile.

I'm still somewhat in doubt with these suede boots. But the colour, ahh, so alluring.
There's something about these 19th century English boots that's very Oliver Twist and Helena Bonham Carter. Quaint and crazy, in a nice way. A challenging style not for everyone, especially if you think you have larger than average legs. Otherwise, the laced up boots makes an interesting twist to the also classic tapered pants.

This grey t-shirt dress reminds me of a specific top from Marc by Marc Jacobs, also an embellished t-shirt. The dress brings a slightly more fabulous touch to your easy weekend wear with it's sparkling colours. Pair it with leggings, simply accessories and boots to complete the look.

And these chic stripe fingerless arm warmer to keep my hands warm in the winter while I type away on my laptop.

Images: hm.com