Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Trend Watch #5 - the little jacket

(note: all pieces featured in this entry is from topshop)

The sweetness of short jackets is still lingering on the palates of fashion deciders. It’s warm enough for this spring/summer climate yet still cooling with its – uhh…short cut. Throw it on with anything casual and you will immediately witness magic before your eyes – everything seems more chic and trendy. Now tell me you believe in magic.

Trend Watch #4 - shoes

Trend Watch #4

(note: all pieces featured in this entry is from topshop)
Shoes have received their acknowledgement a bit late in the 90s that they’re very important accessories (in fact, they now have a category of their own call Shoes) that complete the look. Following the 60s vintage look, wedge heels (not platforms) are back with a vengeance. You can find them in low wedges and killer heels. Normally with ankle strap that coves the heels, bare around the metatarsals, and covered around the toes with an occasional peek-toe hole. The best are those in skin colour or vintage colour (looks old) like dark turquoise or brownish red. If you have sweaty feet, it’s best you stick with the peek-toe variations.

Cone heel peek toe heels in earth tones.

Again colours. Green low wedges with strappy details around the toes, very hippie cool.

Grey mary jane courts. Better without straps though.

Wooden clogs will always have a spot in my fashion book. White straps go great with tan skin.

Meanwhile, ballet flats are still awesomely cool – thanks to Prada and the French. Don’t get me wrong, they’re sweet but only if you have slim never-ending legs.

Green suedette with cut out details around the toes. Nice and practical – for your toes to breath.

Gold ankle ties pumps for the extra touch. Slick slim ankles only please.

Unfortunately, ankle boots are still a hit. Especially the ugly ones. Personally I don’t see how these boots complements the female legs. Even girls can’t carry it off nicely. They were meant to stay in the Victorian times when men wore it with their leggings and looked silly. But if you’re a self confessed fashion slave/whore/victim, then this is a must-have. It’s the hit of the season from last season.

Trend Watch #3 - skrits & tights

(note: all pieces featured in this entry is from topshop)
Just as shorts will always be a hit, short skirts will also always be a hit with the same reason. In this selection, I will recommend to go with something different since every single teeny bopper will be having a micro short short flare/pleated skirt strapped to their small derrieres. Therefore, I suggest that you be bit wiser and more experienced by strapping on something different like a tartan inspired skirt with suspenders. So that you can snap elastic on your chest to attract attention. Whatever, it’s nice. Suspenders are the now accessories by the way – for both GUYS and girls.

To add a hint of fun and girlie-ness to the skirts, you can pair it up with some leggings. For first timer, try going with conventional colours without any patterns. While for the more adventurous and experimental, there is a wide range of colours and patterns that you can choose from to pick up that look you want.

Trend Watch #2 - shorts

(note: all pieces featured in this entry is from topshop)

Shorts are always a hit, especially hotpants. As long as Britney Spears is still considered hot by even one guy, shorts will be around. In this season, there’s a pick for nearly everyone. You can walk out in calf length capris with heels and shout WOMAN, or you can run around in knee length city shorts and ooze chic, or go all out and skimp around in hotpants and drive men crazy. It’s up to you. That’s the power of being girl/woman.

Baxter pants that would go well with most shoes. Flats for casual and heels for style.

And now for something completely different – checkered belted hotpants.

City shorts for you to walk around in – the city.

A tribute to the high waist trend that kinda hit the fashion scene but kinda got swallowed somewhere.

Trend watch #1 - Dresses/Tunics

(note: all pieces featured in this entry is from topshop)

The truth is – we’re stuck in a fashion rut. Unless a genius is born and starts a new era of fashion; we’d be stuck in this constant repetition of old is good, vintage is cool, time travel is the now. The last originals were probably the 80s. Hmm…maybe that’s why people are keeping to the tried and tested creations. It seems that we never recovered from the shock of bad fashion sense/style from the 80s that since then we’ve been trying to stick to having re-runs of the fashion that was – from the 40s, 50s, 60s, and 70s. Occasionally, moving even backwards beyond those years – think corsets and court shoes.

So here in this entry, I’m going to reveal (ta-daa) what we have in store in this upcoming spring/summer. This doesn’t mean you have to ignore all the previous entries that I’ve written. You can say that this entry is more the trend that’s coming in, while the others were “my pick” of what I think is beautiful from the pile of fashion trends today. I will in this entry dish out some picks of the obvious trends and share my comments of what I think is hot and worth investing and what’s not. Of course, the wallet is yours and you should always express yourself and not some other person’s opinion.

The first pick for the day is Tunic Dresses, because I llluuurrrvvveeee dresses and these tunic dresses are rather cute.

Though shapeless they lend a rather girlie touch to the wearer, especially with those puffy or cap sleeves that they tend to come with. Usually made in soft or stretchable fabric, these dresses falls nicely on any body shapes. Though I will be honest and disclose to you that if you can see your tummy below your breasts, you should avoid these pieces. (A) You will look pregnant or (B) people congratulate you on your pregnancy or (C) it will emphasize that your tummy is protruding. Unless that’s the effect that you want (then congrats on your pregnancy), then do remember this note.

High neck backless dress with long cuffed sleeves. Conservative in front and naughty behind – always a sure win.

Plain blue dress with cotehardie like sleeves.

This season will be a play of colour. Green dress with ribbed waist; does not completely disregard the waist line, which is good, adding some shape to the body.

Dresses with 60s inspired prints are also hot off the rack.

Ahh…a shocking yellow sun dress to ward off all evil and stay cheery and beautiful.

In Pursuit of Happyness

One of the best reasons to watch this film is that Will Smith is starring in it. Then there’s the fact that his own son, Jaden Smith (or Jaden Christopher Syre Smith), is also making his debut as Will’s character’s son. It’s quite obvious isn’t it? Great marketing stint. Then there’s also the lovely and ubertalented Thandie Newton as the wife who left. And finally, an all American feel good plot about how the ones who strive the hardest, gets the fattest reward. And it’s true – it’s practically inspired by a true story of
Chris Gardner, self made millionaire and founder of Gardner Rich & Co.

After reading about the film and then watching the trailer, I knew that I had to watch it for all those reasons mentioned above. But mostly, I love watching anything with Will Smith in it – they’re either fantastically hilarious or a good effort to be meaningful – think Prince of Bel Air and Bagger Vance.

Besides, I needed another boost in my work motivation as I’ve pretty much used up the pack that I got from The Devil Wears Prada, where the super work slave gets some fashion bonuses. And Happyness, is definitely a great shot for putting you back in gear for more demanding and near-impossible jobs.

Chris Gardner is a struggling salesman selling the random-est thing of all – high density bone scanner – to doctors who are not smart enough to buy it. In other words, it takes shit loads of convincing and persistence to make any cents out of it. But his wife is not as patient or optimistic as he is and decides to leave the family, entrusting their son to Chris alone. Then Chris lands this ultimate internship with a competitive stockbrokerage firm where he of course is the only candidate who passes and snags the glamorous job as a stock broker, in which he will earn lots of money and live a relatively happier live with his son. (You can read more about the film or book online. Or just go watch the film)

Of course he leads a happier life; anyone would if you’ve been homeless and seriously against all odds – then getting a 6 figure salary (my assumption) out of the sudden will definitely make you happier. Unless you’re slightly “special”.

This film naturally carries lots of values and “moral of the story” elements. It’s a reality slap for all of us who can actually afford that little movie ticket and watch the film that we’re way better off than we think and we’re still very ungrateful little pigs (or cats if you’re a Muslim) as much as we try to count our blessings. We’ve so much in our lives but we’ll never be contented – unfortunately a natural human behavior in order to survive and multiply. Sure, Chris Gardner was not contented either with his former situation and that’s why he strived so hard to achieve something for himself and his son. The film reminded me of how much more effort we could’ve put into our daily lives and our work – and actually make that difference that we’ve always talked about or secretly dismissed. It gave me that much needed boost to be excited about my job again and explore my limits to see that there’s always space for improvement and that I can always be a bit better.

They’re all old values and things that we already know; but it’s still nice to be reminded about it and know that it can actually be done. Otherwise, just take a little time travel back to the prehistoric age and have a chat with the dinos. That will definitely cheer things up or atleast give you a new perspective.