Saturday, October 25, 2008 introduces iPhone app

Well, if is going to allow iPhone users to watch the latest runway shows and catch the latest couture reports using their new iPhone app, then I guess I will put my hands down and say - why not?

Hey Jude

When I first spoke with my wedding gown designer over the phone 2 years ago more than 7000 miles away, I knew right away that I found – the one. Despite the distance and the fact that we've never met each other before, we connected immediately and understood each other perfectly. We spoke the same (fashion) language, we appreciate the same styles, and we knew exactly what we both like in fashion.

Judith was then just a recent graduate from a prestigious design school and was hand picked by my wedding planner from a fashion design competition. Judith was the winner. Judith is a winner. Not only did this feisty (did I mention extremely stylish and elegant as well?) young lady continued to win many more fashion designing prizes (e.g. Lancôme Colour Design Awards 2006 in Paris); she also won my heart – fashionably.

Needless to say, I had the most gorgeous and personalized wedding gowns (yes, all three of them) that a fashionably demanding bride could ever ask for; and Judith got a never-ending line of new clients wanting their wedding gowns to be designed by her.

Judith now heads the design team of Sofira, a fashion brand known for its finer details and eye-catching prints. With her outstanding sketches and unique designs, Judith helped drive the three year old brand into an international hot item that is now being sold across Asia, Europe, India, South America, The Caribbean, and the Middle East.

(The following pictures are from Sofira's SS08 Collection)

White elegance with embroidery detail.

Simple georgetta dress in an eye-catching brilliant blue.

A chic one shoulder silk satin dress in olive that is oh-so-desirable now.

Breezy long white dress to bring out the goddess in you. Understated elegance for a formal occasion.

Judith is definitely a designer to watch – with her determination and talent, I bet she will be someone, somewhere within the next 5-8 years. Naturally, I want to be there when she does.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Driving Miss Elegance

Last winter I was sitting in a cozy café with a good friend, happily sipping our lattes when an old lady walked through the door. Our reactions were immediate though I believe I was more unsubtle – we stared. As rude as it may sound, I couldn’t pull my eyes away from the lady and willingly allowed my eyes to devour in every piece of clothing she had one and every move she made.

The lady exuded such a strong sense of elegance and style that was so captivating it was almost bewitching. Right there and then she inspired me to grow old and aspire to look like her when I do.

The lady wore a simple yet elegantly cut long black coat and a cloche hat. But it was her gloves that made the strongest impression.

They were turquoise driving gloves.

We’ve heard many times how shoes complete one’s look – in this case, a pair of gloves didn’t just complete the look but added the cherry on top. While most people at that age has given up on style and hide as much of themselves underneath shapeless earth tone layers, this wonderful lady was not a bit held back by the age that lined the back of her hands. The gloves just accentuated the slenderness of her hands and fingers; and how exquisitely she uses her fingers to flip through the menu and hold her coffee to her lips.

This lady appears to have lived through the roaring style of the 20s and managed to carry it with her through the decades and transforming it so wonderfully into a style statement for the present day.

In homage to those turquoise driving gloves and the lady that embodies elegance, I dedicate my autumn/winter gloves style to colored bare backs.