Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The sound of silence - or just laziness

Wow. It's been nearly two months eh? Not a word.

In a dictionary of bad bloggers, you will find not a picture of me, but a whole range of definition on what a bad blogger is. Most of which, would define me. I'm seriosuly sorry and apologize deeply for not feeding this blog with more wits and woes. So this entry is just going to be a short intro of what will be served.

I've been hiding out with my fashion magazines and books, running endless research on a bigger fashion conspiracy. If you must know anything now, I can tell you that my past entries have been accurate, yes accurate, prediction of this spring fashion. (Don't believe? Go grab yourself a Bazaar or Vogue and they're all reporting the same thing) So, go read those entries again and devour as much as you can. There's always something that you missed ;-)

Meanwhile, my recent trip back to my hometown has offered me the opportunity to watch more films that I can handle. However, dissapointingly leaving me with a bigger empty hole. Where have all the good films went? Apparently the truth that is inconvenient is not only causing a drought in countries, but also the film world.

In conclusion, I've yet to be strucked by anything highly impressionable (I am relatively a very impressionable person) to prompt me to write anything here. But - I will compile something soon and share it with you. Something to light up the end of the winter season and usher in light and flowy spring!

Until then, try watching re-runs of Borat. That helps.

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