Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Art of Posing

Recently corresponding to the explosion of Facebook and vainpots wannabe, I started noticing how ladies and girls alike, pose in front of the camera.

OK, that's not entirely true - I have always noticed how people pose/stand/freeze in front of the lens. And unfortunately, only very few have mastered the art of posing amateur-ly.

Anyhow, this realization prompted my latest inspiration for an entry here. How to Pose Delightfully – only for amateur. If you’re a pro – you should spank yourself if you still find news here.

For this lesson/entry, I have selected a few delightful ladies from Vogue’s best dress runner up list. According to current trend and style, there is only one way a lady should pose when she’s clad in a beautiful flowy, tight, long, short, colorful, black, monotonous, exciting, chic – skirt.

See the exhibits below for illustration:
Lovely Maria Sharapova
Ever the fashion challenger, Chlöe Sevigny

Nice attempt from Sienna Miller. But she needs more work on being elegant.

By standing with your legs crossed, you create a slimmer and lengthier illusion of your legs. Your hips are slender and the cross of the legs streamlines and enhances the hourglass shape. Knobbly knees and stumpy ankles are hidden and instead the audiences are drawn by the exuding demureness of the person. Smile gracefully, with a knowing twinkle in the eye, saying – there’s more than meets the eye ;-)

And click – everyone is suddenly photogenic.

There is, however, an alternative for those who cannot master the crossed-legs pose. If your ankles are clicking vehemently when you try standing with your legs crossed, you might want to either start strenghtening your ankles or consider the option below.

You can, and should, just stand straight, with your feet slight apart (not too much!) and smile cheerfully. If your feet are too close, they more often than not will end up looking bowed or that you have a serious case of rickets.

Straight forward like Lauren Davis.

Beware; however, there is a big NO-NO in posing. Never do this:

If you need to pee, go pee before taking the picture.

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