Saturday, August 23, 2008

Hats off to chocolate anything!

For those of you who are heading into colder seasons – you should still read this! And for those of you who are bastardly lucky enough to have summer all year round – this is for you!

Hats are finally taking the center stage when Diane Kruger, who by the way replaced Kate Bosworth as the new celebrity candy to the fashion world, spotted a boater hat sitting primly next to Ms. Wintour, front row at Cavalli’s resort 2009 show. Of course, you do not make fashion mistakes when sitting next to the queen of fashion and thus the ‘hat’ set itself to become a more widely acceptable statement.

Hats are great in many ways. Besides its aesthetic offerings, it was originally created with the intention to protect against harsh climates, most commonly from the sun (now known as UV rays). And it is with these intentions in mind that we should celebrate the return of hats again!

Sunglasses are simply just not sufficient to protect your face from the powerful sun rays. It’s a known fact that UV rays hastened the deterioration of your skin cells leaving you dry and wrinkled like a prune. Many smart ladies, Nicole Kidman for one, swear by the hat to keep their looks forever young.

So how to carry this trend?

Many people become hesitant when faced with the hat option. Most of us make the mistake of not even making it an option due to silly reasons like hat hair. Hat hairs are things of the past; you can easily brush out one with a big paddle brush with some light hairspray.

The favorite hat on the street at the moment is the Panama hat. Many celebrities and models alike are taking on the trend with much gusto.

Samanthat Ronson thinks it's still a secret.

Rachel Bilson working it.

But like all fashion trends, always remember to inject your own sense of style and personality by trying out other variations inspired by the Panama. Play around with the colors, the length of the brim, and hatbands. Try boaters, modernized cloches, or for a dramatic effect (with full sun protection), a big rimmed sun hat!

Blake Lively attempts the Cloche... or is that a bucket hat?

Boaters - Flat-brimmed and flat-topped straw hats for a casual European coolness. Goes well with casual dressing. Adds a playful note to your outfit.

Cloches - Popular bell-shaped ladies hat of the 1920s brings back some old elegance or decadence to our modern day dressing.

Carrie showing us how it can be done - with bags and heels!

Sun hats - large brims big enough to shade your face and shoulders, but also to shout drama queen! Or just wear it with shorts and be the Holly Golightly of the 21st century.

OK, this isn't the greatest picture. Will try and search for a better one and replace this.

No fedoras please.

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