Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Trend Watch #2 - shorts

(note: all pieces featured in this entry is from topshop)

Shorts are always a hit, especially hotpants. As long as Britney Spears is still considered hot by even one guy, shorts will be around. In this season, there’s a pick for nearly everyone. You can walk out in calf length capris with heels and shout WOMAN, or you can run around in knee length city shorts and ooze chic, or go all out and skimp around in hotpants and drive men crazy. It’s up to you. That’s the power of being girl/woman.

Baxter pants that would go well with most shoes. Flats for casual and heels for style.

And now for something completely different – checkered belted hotpants.

City shorts for you to walk around in – the city.

A tribute to the high waist trend that kinda hit the fashion scene but kinda got swallowed somewhere.

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