Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Trend Watch #3 - skrits & tights

(note: all pieces featured in this entry is from topshop)
Just as shorts will always be a hit, short skirts will also always be a hit with the same reason. In this selection, I will recommend to go with something different since every single teeny bopper will be having a micro short short flare/pleated skirt strapped to their small derrieres. Therefore, I suggest that you be bit wiser and more experienced by strapping on something different like a tartan inspired skirt with suspenders. So that you can snap elastic on your chest to attract attention. Whatever, it’s nice. Suspenders are the now accessories by the way – for both GUYS and girls.

To add a hint of fun and girlie-ness to the skirts, you can pair it up with some leggings. For first timer, try going with conventional colours without any patterns. While for the more adventurous and experimental, there is a wide range of colours and patterns that you can choose from to pick up that look you want.

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