Saturday, May 12, 2007

Fashion Conditioning

It's funny how a fashion disaster can morph into something sexy, if you're exposed to it long enough in a certain context.

Take this for example.

Black socks with sneakers (regardless of colour, unless you cover them with long pants...but they tend to have an affinity to expose themselves. Not good.) is a huge NO-NO, blubber, Uh-UH, and everything else that is in that category of expression. Black socks just don't go with sneakers, dear. It's just one of those things where you're not supposed to do. Like picking your nose in public or on a first date; you just don't do that. Oh, you didn't know? Well now you know.


You're from Scandinavia. Or have been living there for a certain period of time, where you're constantly exposesd to men (some of which happens to be relatively tall, average to well build, with occasional sun-kissed skin, lovely blond hair tousled/spiked/naturally combed, baby/intense blue eyes...) who always and will forever wear black socks with sneakers.

Initially, you are shocked. But then you gradually recover from the shock and focus on other attributes, in the attempt to avoid moving your eyes that ughh-so-yucky combo of black socks and sneakers. Slowly, you condition yourself ignore those black-sock-snearker covered region. And one day, you notice, "Hey, those black-socks-sneakers are - still there! But hey HEY...they seem to look - ok. Nice. Good. And maybe sexy if you spot them at the gym on a nice looking guy.

And that's when it hits you. You've been conditioned into liking and actually appreciating something that was previouly disgusting. Scary.

Disclaimer: this is entry does not encourage anyone to attempt the black socks sneakers combo. It's STILL a big NO-NO.


woof said...

mb the black socks thing is more functional than aesthetic. ie, white socks or other colour socks will look dirty if not washed properly, and over time it'll yellow or fade, but black socks will always be black...

meow said...

Yeah and the boogers in your nose will go away if you continue picking them. Very practical.

No. You are supposed to take an effort to clean your nose - in private. Just because it's very convenient to pick your nose everywhere when you feel like there's one huge MF-booger somewhere up there, doesn't mean you should just shove your finger up those holes and start diggin'.

White socks turn yellow because it's a natural progress. Things change when they get old. And what do we do when clothings get old? We buy new one. Ta-daa :-)