Monday, July 30, 2007

Necking it

The season of short hair was literally kick started when the ever eccentric Selma Blair decided to challenged the beauty industry with her punk cut.

Despite it's controversial start (many raved about how modernistic and a step forward it is, while others just squabbled about how it was too bold, whatever), Selma managed to inspire many other ladies to chop it off as well.

Sienna Miller and Rihanna shows of the short hair evolution

Hair cuts are contagious. You need one person to start and the rest will get the itch. As we can see how Selma's hairdo has evolved over the next several months into something more soft and acceptable.

As most well spotted and well styled by Victoria Beckham.

Looking her elegant self.

Going casual.

Or just going abouth her daily routine - shopping.

Also spotted on BFF and latest addition of chic-moms, Katie Holmes (most likely adviced by Vic herself).

And most recently, the campaign look for clothing giant H&M.

Ladies, it's time to get some fresh air down that neck!

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