Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Nude Heels

Some people ask me where I find my fashion answers and I give them all sort of silly answers. Because honestly, I don’t really know. I think it could’ve been from my childhood when I used to play with my mom’s dresses and shoes (destroying most of them in the progress); staring endlessly at fashion spread from stolen magazines (mom forbids fashion magazines; thinks it’s viceful) and inspecting every single lines and shadows and colors that has been meticulously captured by some legendary photographer (and further perfected by graphic designers – pffft!); but quite importantly too, is watching other (stylish) people and learn how trends can and should be played out in reality.

A few months ago, under some very special circumstances, I had the opportunity to meet a rather ordinarily interesting woman who simply exudes – elegance and style. She has since inspired me to write two entries specifically dedicated to her hair and her shoes (her pencil skirt already hit my other previous entry). Her hair was short yet feminine (see “Necking it”) and her shoes…ahh, they were Nude Heels.

It has been a while since I’ve seen any decent ladies wearing a nice pair of Nude Heels (so much so that I hardly could find any pictures with them!). I nearly forgot how magical they can be.

Heels in general are great for any woman who can carry them off. If someone describes you as gliding, floating, or even walking in heels –you’re fine. But if you think you’re more like teetering, then it’s best you wear something lower and healthier.

Otherwise, here’s a reminder of why you should slip on a pair of heel anytime:

  1. They create the illusion of longer legs

  2. They push your feet into a sensual arch

  3. They lift your derriere into a cute perk and

  4. They make you sway seductively when you walk
But a pair Nude Heels – they add value. By very fact that the color of the shoes is nearly the same as most skin colors, Nude Heels further enhance the illusion of elongated legs and having a continuous arch of the feet. It’s like having a natural sway and a naturally arched feet and long legs. It’s like wearing clothes but not really. It’s like Nude but with elegance and style.

So the next time you run out of idea what shoes to buy next – Nude Heels.

PS. July is the month of high heels racing.

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