Sunday, January 20, 2008

Colors, Abstract Prints, and Prada Collars

Strong colors are going to continue painting the fashion scene this year. It will be yet again a happy colorful year, though this time colors are more experimental and adventurous, compared to the initial one toned strong colors.

Prints are also prevalent in many collections, but no flower prints nor retro prints. It’s all about embracing arts now. Abstract prints are with strong colors are making the statements on dresses, tops, pants, and skirts alike. Clothes are taking an expressive turn.

Prada’s ad campaign made a clear message as well – collars are back. Though yet to be seen on many other collections, it’s safe to say that collars will be picked up soon, and before you know it, a widespread endemic. Hopefully, it will not be overrated and killed off too soon. Collars have been neglected for too long, it’s their turn for the limelight.

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