Monday, January 28, 2008

Yes to Romantics, No to Tiers

Unsurprisingly, soft flowing fabrics are back with spring. All things romantic and goddess-like are good. Think organza and tulle and anything that goes with the wind.

It’s all about being a girl again, and feeling fresh and light, throwing off the weight and any remnants that winter depression tends to offer.

Roberto Cavalli delivers several beautiful and inspiring pieces.

The flowy take was adopted gracefully by notable actresses at the Screen Actors Guild Awards, such as Angelina Jolie who's expecting her second biological child and fith to the Jolie Pitt brood.

Meanwhile, despite the fact that tiers seem to be trying to squeeze in a come back as well, I would not recommend it for the same reasons why it never did any good before.

Tiers makes you look fat full stop. OK, maybe like a tiered cake too. Either way, it's no good. Do not get fooled by its tendency to look romantic, it is not. The following exhibits illustrates.

Funny enough though, frills work. Fashion and trends are simple, they just appear confusing.

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