Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Lane Crawford TrANSITIONs

Whether they’re trying to ride the Beijing Olympic wave to attract western consumers or for some other reasons, I am regardless impressed and adore the Transition SS08 campaign by Lane Crawford.

A handful (literally – 5 of them) of illustrious Chinese artistes were handpicked to consummate the variety of moods Lane Crawford represents in their collection of designers.
The fact that they chose ballerina Tan Yuan Yuan to be part of the team automatically won a vote from me.

Film producer, Fu Jia.

Model, Du Juan

Another vote from me for a tastefully (and sexy, and raw) done picture actor, Lie Ye. Liu Ye's pictures can probably pull off a new trend of desirable Chinese men.

But of course, we must have Maggie Cheung to complete the perfect ad campaign.

Delectable, simply enjoyable.

ps. I suspect there's a "touch your face" theme going on here. Only Du Juan didn't quite make it -- probably too stoned to find her face.

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