Thursday, February 07, 2008

Midnight anxiety -- What to wear?!

Most of the time -- I would say 80% of the time -- I would be able to put together an outfit within 5-10mins. If I prepare overnight for something significant, I would normally take 10-20mins, trying on various combination just to get the exact style and emotions I want to communicate.

But tonight, I'm practically anxious and I can't figure out what to wear to probably the turning point of my (non-existing) fashion career -- the fashion show tomorrow.

I can decide if I want to make a statement or not. Evidently, I should, this is after all my first impression for the industry. BUT, I'm also going as a fashion editor/writer, along with my giant camera (besides being able to take some "real" pictures, I've also promised to return the favor by snapping pictures of people using sponsored wares). I cannot possibly look smashing while holding a giant camera...especially since I know I won't look like Steven Meisel or Ellen von Unwerth working the lenses.

But most of all, this is one of thoes events where what you wear is truly important. It's the business. You cannot go to an IT fair and not know what SOA, MIIS, SQL, and which Oracle t-shirt is the coolest (geekiest).

So anyway, let's hope and pray that I will put on something smart, versatile, and interesting.

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