Thursday, May 29, 2008

Singing the Blues

After a binge on minimalism and modernistic-cool, the fashion world decided to take a break by swinging to the other end of the pendulum and celebrate what the real world has to offer us – colors!

Strong, electrical colors made a bold splash across runways this season painting several collections in colorful prints and in strong singular colors the borderlines screaming neon. Colors as we all know have very interesting effect on people – both the wearer and the admirers. Therefore, it can be rather tricky to pull off a “heavy” and sometimes “depressing” color like, say blue.

But when Blue gets electrical it’s an entirely different world – think Super heroes, think Mischa at the Cannes festival, think retro-cool-tight-fit-electrical-blue-dress!

What you get here is nothing close to the blues but exciting, funky notes of electric blues!

This simple blue dress is chic, sexy, and complementary even for curvy ladies. The cut and the lines in the front makes a slim streamline while the long sleeves can be pushed up the arm slightly to create a casual crunch.

Since it’s almost like a bare, albeit colored, canvas, one can top it with chunky accessories or an iconic clutch. Don’t forget about shoes – it cannot be said enough that shoes complete the look! Play around with your options – go chunky for retro funk, stilettos to ooze sex and sophistication, or just flats for elegant chic.

Though adventurous, a dose of prudence can do one good when it comes to strong colors. Alas one should end up with the 'parrot-syndrome'.

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