Thursday, June 05, 2008

For the gentlemen

Due to the increasing requests (disgruntled mummers) that I've been receiving from my male readers on the lack of profiling male relevant post, I would like to contribute a post entirely for them.

After scourging through various gentlemen fashion & style sites, I came to find that the site that offers the most sensible and accurate style note is from The Sartorialist himself. Not that I do not want to do my homework myself, but the Sart just captures some of the most perfect, stylish gentlemen around, providing the ideal source of inspiration for any stylish men.

Sharp, Smart, and Sleek. It's always a trick to look business-smart yet fashionable. But with a well-cut suit and perfect pants length the look can easily be pulled off. Not to forget accessories such as the right bag and shoes.

Then there's the ever challenging cuffed pants ending just above the ankle. Most of you would immediately push this off as a difficult look and it is. But it's very classy while keeping it casual. A difficult combo that if executed correctly you will be immensely rewarded.

For a simpler option, opt for shorts and cardigans.

If you like these styles then don't forget to check out The Sartorialist's blog for your daily dose of style.


Vivi said...

Thanks for a post for us guys!

I have to disagree with the Italian trouser length. When I see trousers that stop around the ankle i think of the person as a nerdy engineer or IT geek. Not a look I want :)

meow said...

Yes, it is a difficult look for most of us and in some cases unsuitable too. That's why it's important to have our own style. And a good way to start is by knowing what you don't want to look like :-)