Wednesday, March 25, 2009


A few good lines – in case you can’t remember the rest:

Living in denial is never the answer. Just because the world is having recession, your wardrobe doesn’t need to be in depression.

It can’t be said more clearly that you, me and the world are going through one of the worst recessions since – forever (1940s) – so it’s high time we buck up and grit our teeth through it. This also means smartening up our fashion sense and adapting our style to the wind of change - be a wise Recessionista.

The magic word is Sales.

Fashion may be fabulous but that doesn’t make it immune to reality and the retail industry is receiving just as hard a blow as the rest. Many shops are still continuing their “Christmas” sales and there’s no excuse that you shouldn’t take advantage of that. Clamp down your spending by looking out for sales items and warehouse clearance. Trust me, if you open your eyes and ears you will find many as everyone is doing whatever it takes just to create sales number.

Time to be picky.

Be conscious about what you buy and be sure that nothing was killed unnecessarily along the production process including your own future. Since you’re supposed to buy less and more meaningfully now, use the extra time and effort to learn more about your purchases. If you can afford, invest in those that are environmentally friendly and ecological. It sounds like a lot of hassles but there are brands and designers who dedicate their entire collections to the aspiration of making the world greener. It’s like finding your hairstylist – once you find them stick with them.

On the other hand, retail companies and designers should take this opportunity to review and plan their collections to produce more economy-environmental-friendly collections. This is probably the one time that where art clearly should reflect life. We cannot continue blinding ourselves with glittery sequins or hide beneath mountains of heavenly cashmere.

Get an overview.

Not just your life but your wardrobe. Book yourself a day to clean out your wardrobe to get a complete overview of everything you own. Put aside all the items that you’re absolutely sure that you don’t want to be caught wearing and let your creative imagination run wild on the rest. Make mental notes of items which can complement each other or pieces that could add chic contrasts to others – not everything have to match. You’d be surprised how much treasure you might just uncover; new styles and outfits to see you through the year. Don’t forget to include your shoes, accessories, bags, etc. Rearrange your clothes so that you can have a clear view of everything you have, this is especially useful in much needed situation such as when you’re about to make an impulse buy.

So the next time you're in shopping mood - be a wise and think twice.

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