Tuesday, July 06, 2010

This is summer wear

This is summer wear and how summer wear should look like. It's light without being too bright, it's elegant without being conventional, it's chic yet still practical, and it is appropriately accessorized. It's very nonchalant though one may see that effort has been put into this effortlessly chic look. But most of all, it has got that relaxed smile that summer tends to bring out people.

Most of the time people are either not used to dressing for summer, so they tend to focus more on their spring and winter looks but throw their style matters out of the window come summer. Or some just can't be bothered because it's there all year round. This look is a breath of freshness from the usual suspect of butt-revealing-cut-offs, tubes and summer dresses. We don't wear enough of understated style, everything about summer seems to be who can shout the loudest about their bodies. It's tawdry and tasteless. Summer should still be about style in a different light and a different season.

Image: The Satorialist

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