Friday, July 16, 2010

Valentino Paradise

When Valentino recently unveiled his museum-like archive of his works, it included 12,000 grand dresses, 10,000 impressive sketches (on the walls and and on iPads!), and a stream of beautiful people in fabulous gowns created by the retired maestro himself.

Not a fan of gossips (or Gossip Girls for that matter), my attention was immediately captivated by the aesthetics of the gowns that were presented that evening. Colors were aplenty and my, in such beautiful palettes! From strong red, to soft colorful neons, to romantic pastels. Like how all gorgeous gowns should be, the fabrics looked most exquisite with intricate details such as melting ruffles and tiny sparkles that added to the subtle elegance. Nothing that screams attention-deficit.

My personal favorites were from Elizabeth Hurley (she still can do no wrong!) and the sweet group of girls call Paltrow, Alba and Danes.

While enjoying myself browsing through the images, I couldn't help but gasped when I saw this images of Lively with the omni-powerful Wintour!

I don't believe I've ever seen anyone put their arms around Wintour (Too cold perhaps? Or just smart enough not to). Tsk tsk, young American girls who don't know their manners and proper social etiquette. Poor Wintour looks so diminished standing next to nearly 6ft tall leggy blonde.

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