Monday, October 16, 2006

Dear beloved readers,

I bring you sad news for now. My laptop decided to commit suicide last week, taking away nearly all opportunities for me to update this exciting blog more frequently. I'm now illegally writing from my office deskstop, which happens to be a sleek flat screen Dell with crappy keyboard. I've taken some pics from last week which I would like to share with you but unfortunately it would be most awkward (did I mis-spell this word? looks strange) if I were to be caught uploading fashion pics on computer at work. And yes, it would very much stand out from the rest of the techno related pics that I have on my computer.

But worry not, I will not give up hastily on such a small obstacle. I will try and smuggle in a few at a time until I get my all-spanking-new laptop in about 2 weeks time ;o)

Till then, please feel free to leave your intelligent comments and condolences (for my laptop). Or nothing too.

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