Thursday, October 12, 2006

This is a record. Me delivering 3 blogs in a day. I guess anyone would agree that it's much more intellectually stimulating to write blogs than sitting at your desk trying to search for technology news the whole afternoon.

I still can't grasp what people see in the forms of SOA, ROI, BPM, IDM, SMS (not sms), etc. Or maybe I'm just sitting in a very wrong place. If anyone of you have watched the fashion movie The Devil wears Prada, you would be able to imagine this, except that it's in the other way round:

Put a total fashionista/fashion writer into an environment where no one knows how to spell Narciso Rodriguez or the difference between MiuMiu and Prada; then expect the person to start writing news and marketing materials about why companies need Identity Management to have Role Based Access Control and maybe a little bit of Master Data Change Management solution to manage your Master Data (duh). And then imagine the horror the boss would have when the fashionista tries to make a parable between technology solutions and haute couture.

Atleast I think the fashionista should be applauded for even trying to make that parable.

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Shannon Teoh said...

fashion and film? whoda thunk.