Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Life and Death about Elizabeth Short.

I guess that could have also been a good name for a movie though a tad too long to sound chic for the young and mass ears today. So instead, they decided to call it in its better known name - The Black Dahlia.

I was introduced to Elizabeth Short or Beth Short as she's sometimes credited as, more than a month ago when I saw that Josh Hartnett was going to star in a new movie by the name of Black Dahlia. Oohh, sounds mysterious and sophisticated; the poster looks even better. Nothing at all related to the images that I would see of Beth after the murder in January 1947. It was anything but nice. In fact it was gruesome. The killer practically took the phrase "grining from ear to ear" a bit too far. But that was just a small part of how sadistic the murderer actually was. If you want more gruesome details, please visit the website yourself and read what you want. My blog is for mass reading.

Unfortunately, I'm only writing about this now as I live in Denmark at the moment and movies tend to take a long time before they reach our shores. Not sure why, but it sure sucks. So if you've watched this movie, please do add some comments and maybe a short review of what you think. Just remember to avoid spoilers. I love spoilers but my readers don't.

Infernal Affairs = The Departed

Why am I not surprise that it's Martin Scorsese behind this Hollywood version of the Hong Kong film? Somebody, please pass him the Oscar.

No, I obviously haven't watch this one either thanks to Denmark or whoever that decides which countries gets which movies first. But I'm definitely going to catch this in the cinema when it opens here (if it does). Not that the cantonese trilogy was such a "wow" film for me, but it would be interesting to see how the translation went - not just the language but the cultural aspects as well.


Anonymous said...

Hey there!
I ve always known you could tell a good story...especially writing them! And you re one of the few fashionistas in my circle of friends...but since when are you a FASHION CRITIC?!

New vocation now eh?

Anyways the title of your blog got me getting those warm fuzzy feeling of yesteryears!!

From 1/3 the ORIGINAL Pussycat Gang...MEOOWWWW...!

Keep on purring...!

meow said...

I'm not really hailing myself a fashion critic yet; just had a modest but strong desire to share my fashion lenses with people.
I guess I finally came to face the fact that I can't run away from my true fashion...ahem, sorry, passion I mean - as cliche as it maybe.

woof said...

you know, the freaky thing is, a few months after you wrote this, someone DID pass Scorsese the oscar... for this exact movie...

meow said...

yeah i know...freaky how my chanting actually got through. though unfortunately, i won't say that this is his best piece of work.

meow said...

yeah i know...freaky how my chanting actually got through. though unfortunately, i won't say that this is his best piece of work.