Sunday, November 26, 2006

I've just been to the cinema 3 times in the past week to cover 3 of the films that I promised myself (and you) that I would watch: The Black Dahlia, The Departed, and Casino Royale. One of which I have already shared my spills and the other 2 will definitely be duly followed. Though not tonight, not when I have a ridiculously early Sunday night bedtime.

But instead I wish to share something more meaningful to your ears.

Being like any other film fan, I always make it a point to go early to the cinemas. Not just so that I can get tickets for my movie (duhh) but also so that I can catch some interesting movie trailers that I can mark down in my little must-watch book. But some other time, also to catch some more interesting commercials than those shown on TV. I guess somethings look better on big screen. And occasionally, some of these commercials will use songs that makes you wonder why-the-hell-don't-they-play-songs-like-this-on-radio and also the possibility that there's a deeper conspiracy behind the music industry, that they are intentionally (most definitely) feeding our ears with nonsensical-so-called-pop-mainstream-music that only have 1-2 lines of lyrics that's sung over and over again (think: I'm bring sexy back, yeah! I'm bringing sexy back, yeah! I'm get my point). Never underestimate what repetition and bad sounds can do to the vulnerable human brain. Almost caught you there huh? And you thought sexy is definitely making a comeback now...NO, it's always fashionable to be sexy and it has always been around.

Anyway my point is, and yes I do make points in my blog and most of my writings, that I came across 2 very beautiful songs during my 3-times 1 week film galore. I'm so glad that I was actually able to find out the name of the songs and the singers...boy, my surfing skills has definitely taken a hike since I started, being unmotivated at my job.

Song #1 Nivea - Around the World
A recent commercial from Nivea call Around the World featured a German band from Berlin call Asher Lane and their song New Days.

Song #2 KENZO Amour for Women
In this commercial, KENZO uses the ethereal vocals of Coco Rosie in her song Good Friday.

Hope you like them and good night.


ToForgive said...

of course there's a conspiracy behind the music industry. except that it's an open one and everyone knows it's true:)

meow said...

Damn...I need to go out more often.

woof :) said...

kenzo ad sucked. i didn't feel romanced at all (as compared to the channel no 5 ad), and what's with that pink bird?? lukily din poop on the couple hoovering over their head, but it's probably CGIed anyway. though i must say the pondok in the middle of the hutan is pretty cool. and the singer sounds like she's having a sore throat.

i'm bringing sexy back, yeah... rite.

btw, i can't open the Nivea video.

meow said...

Hmm...I just checked the links to the nivea ad plus the full version of New Days and they both worked fine on my computer.

Strangely enough, I do agree to a certain extent that the Kenzo ad is not only abstract but confusing. I found the scene sequence irrelevant but I'm sure the bird have some sort of significance otherwise they wouldn't use it. Maybe you could find out the species and the association to it. Meanwhile, Coco Rosie is wonderful. But I guess you're not a Macy Gray fan either.