Tuesday, November 21, 2006

What a dissapointment. The Departed should stay departed.

Honestly, I wasn't that impressed either when I watched the original HK version of The Departed, or better known as Infernal Affairs (I, II, III). The over exaggerated method of displaying emotions, as HK actors tends to do, are in no way going to tickle my fancy. On the contrary, they tickle my "ugghh..." button. Better known as cringe.

Despite not having the same emotions exaggeration in the Hollywood version, I must say that I'm sorry but Scorsese just blew his chance of getting an Oscar this time round, especially since the industry hasn't been churning out much delectable films in the running period. Hmm...maybe he could have a chance after all.

The only mentionable element from TD has to be the obnoxious and foul-fast-talking Dignam portrayed by Marky Mark Wahlberg. It's amazing just trying to figure out what exactly he's saying in the film. Unfortunately, I was further confused by the Danish subtitles. You know how you can understand English perfectly but just can't help reading whatever subtitles they put up on the screen no matter what level of understanding you have of the written language. Maybe it's part of an unsaid agenda to convert foreigners to speak their national language.

Yes Sergeant Dignam, whatever you say.

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ToForgive said...

there's a reason why those movies were over the top. cause there are cop movies like the heat or insomnia, then there are those like the departed