Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Like I said, I promised I would share :-)

The main reason why I didn't rush to write something about the other 2 films that I watched, namely The Black Dahlia and Casino Royale, is because there wasn't much to rush about.

The Black Dahlia reached its expectation of being an "old" film, though I expected more Noir. The film was inspired and built around a gruesome/historical event of the brutal, actually very nasty, murder of a young and aspiring actress. Someone sick in the head must have knew back then that it would make a really good storyline to kill a beautiful, nonetheless, aspiring young actress. Better still if she always wear black - adds on the mysteriousness.

All actors in the film were relatively unimaginative in their roles. They played predictably and delivered no surprises. The only thing worth noticing is probably the fact that Hilary Swank can also be considered sexy. Come to think of it, she must be one of the most versatile actresses around, amongst the top league which includes Nicole Kidman and Charlize Theron. I'm sure there are more so stop complaining. The Black Dahlia is probably worth a watch only if you're a true fan of Scarlett Johansson or Josh Hartnett. OK, I guess Aron Eckhart is also worth a mention since I became a moderate follower after Thank You For Smoking.

Casino Royale on the other hand was definitely a girlie ride. I hardly spotted any cool gadgets on this edition of 007 besides for the live-saver he had in his car. However, I was a tad bit disappointed for several missing elements that a Bond film should have:

  1. lots of cool gadgets
  2. sexy girls, not bookish girls
  3. sexy song
  4. a taller Bond
  5. a very bad villain

The only near-sexy girl in the film died after just a few minutes of appearance. I'm not a gender biased person, but I just think a film should have what it should have. Or atleast deliver it properly and not half heartedly. Meanwhile, the main Bond girl (there's only one) was rather bookish and annoying. It came across as women of today who try too hard to be independent and strong and ends up becoming selfish and self centered. The song was...more suitable for a comic book hero like what Nickelback did for Spiderman. Bond songs should be more like Garbage's and Sheryl Crowe's versions. Madonna is just cool, full stop. Mads Mikkelsen's portrayal as bad Le Chiffre is too soft and weeping blood is weak.

OK, I'm going to stop blasting Casino Royale now and look on the bright side of life, as Monty Python used to say. The dresses worn by Eva Green as Vesper Lynd were simply amazing, utterly gorgeous and elegant. She wore 2 evening gowns for the gambling scenes and both were equally beautiful in their own design. These 2 pictures here are actually of the same gown (couldn't find the other one which is a purple halter with cystals for empire, how nice is that). Personally, the version on the left without the relatively grandmother sleeves is more sleek and sexy. But the front of the gown is also very important, as it shows the main features why this simple black gown is stunning. Note the straps on over the sholders are expanding as it goes higher and thinner where it's attached to the gown. This kind of strap creates the illusion of a sturdier and squarer shoulder and it's absolutely advantagous for women who has flabs between their breast and underarms. And finally, the stiff heart shape pattern for the bust line is incredibly complimentary to any women with all breast types.

Unfortunately, I also can't find pictures of her red summer dress that she wore when they were in Italy (was it Italy?)...that was simply stunning. Pictures of her dresses are too difficult to be found online so it's best that you watch the film and look out for them ;-)

It's quite obvious that I'm sitting at my office and trying to write this piece as fast as I can huh? Good news though, I just got my laptop last night and will be writing more diligently and meticulously in the future. And no, I will never ever get any more laptop insurance in the future.


Shannon Teoh said...

ok, i'm not even sure if we were watching the same movie. if we were, you'd already know why he doesn't have any cool gadgets. for that matter, did you notice Q? no? i wonder why.

i found eva green's performance several steps up from that in kingdom of heaven and if she doesn't count as sexy, well, there's very few sexy women left on earth. why can't bond have a bookish girl for once? or do we prefer the rocket scientist with nice rockets denise richards?
vesper lynd's character was in no way meant to be a reflection of women today, that's just years of feminist indoctrination coming out of your subconscious, like you said, it's a bond film, if you want something PC, this is not your film.

daniel craig is 6" flat, some sources say 5"11. one or two inches shorter than brosnan and that same amount less than sean connery. either you're very perceptive or evan green is tall. at 5"6, she's above average i guess.

chris cornell's vocals have always been viscerally astounding. and it dovetailed perfectly with the opening montage which thankfully, for once, didnt have female silhouttes cavorting in the background. and this is not about being pc, it's about taste, and obviously if you liked the die another day theme, then we have totally different tastes. but then i will assume i have the upper hand as far as musical things go, since i can actually tell the huge difference between chris cornell and nickelback and in any case, nickleback never did a spiderman theme, it was just their lame-ass lead vocalist.

and.. you try weeping blood.:)

meow said...
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meow said...

Sounds like the same film, but probably through different lenses...and time zones.

Vivi said...

hehehe I guess I liked it for different reasons. I liked the story more because you could see what Bond goes through emotionally and you can see it in his face. His transition I guess hints at why Bond acts the way he does in the later stories (I am referring to how this is the first novel and how he becomes James Bond). The movie was also a bit more "darker" because of this transition instead of a Bond with all the cool gadgets, one-liners (though there were a few in this movie too) and saving the world. It was a different Bond film I felt, which was why I liked it.

But I agree in that Eva Green looked stunning but wasn't convincing as Vesper Lynd when she betrays Bond.

Anyways, my two cents.