Wednesday, January 10, 2007


This was one film that I really wanted to watch during the holiday season. In fact, I got so excited over the trailer that I was nearly asked to leave the theaters. It was just such an inspiring moment – to see so many great actors in one film all together! It would have been the most economical movie ticket you’ll ever come by! I was even more surprised when I found out who the director was.
Emilio Estevez did a great job by pulling in all these power stars…but reflecting upon that, one would wonder if it’s actually because of the subject matter: Bobby himself. What he fought for, and much more that you can read on wiki. He was a great man no doubt, from a great family too no doubt, with a suspected dark cloud hovering over as speculated by many – all of which you can read as well on wiki. Before I start ranting away on the theory of the Kennedy Curse and dropping more than 5 cents worth of thoughts, I would like to say that Bobby has turned out to be a rather nice but not outstanding film.

Sure all the stars did their best in their 10mins of “I’m-famous-but-still-do-small-roles” fame. It was great. It was almost like watching a charity unfolding throughout the film. I mean, how bad can you go with Anthony Hopkins? Or Helen Hunt? Or Lindsay Lohan? Hah! Trick question, last one.

But yes, there were some memorable moments in the film. Listening to Laurence Fishburne dish out some black philosophy; or how Emilio’s dad Martin Sheen (yes, I believe there’s some family business going on in the film as well) displayed unconditional love to his materialistic eaten wife, played wonderfully by Helen Hunt.

There were also few surprises such as seeing Elijah Wood in a rather “physically attractive” role. He definitely won some drool factor there, and yes, his intensely blue eyes are finally being used to its full power in hypnotizing weak women. I mean, give him a break – no one can come out sexy after playing a hobbit for few years; a rumouredly gay one too.

Another surprise came in the form of Ashton Kutcher. If I knew he was in the movie, I would have immediately sniffed him out as the powder man that believes marijuana is the passage to god. I mean, who else could have made that convincible? And why not, might as well throw him a role as a hippie from the 60’s. But yes, I was not aware of the fact that he was actually in the movie and even more unbelievable was the fact that I actually could NOT recognize him just because he was wearing glasses.

Right. And I thought the people who created superman was stupid. Glasses, yeah.

Watching two great icons sharing a scene was also quite momentous, especially if they are for the same era, same genre, and same iconic figures – sex symbols. But in the case of Bobby, both Sharon Stone and Demi Moore were portrayed as older women facing the realities of age. One was a beautician, surprise surprise, and the other was a singer, surprise surprise. Both with elements of beauty, glamour, and something that doesn’t go well with age. It was just beautiful hearing them discussed about those subjects on screen as well. It probably sounded sincere and true, because it was familiar grounds they were on.

Well, Bobby is a good film, with many “ahh” and “whoo” moments. Also those that makes your stomach all fuzzy and creamy. Mm, yum. No, not really like that but yeah. I wouldn’t say it’s one of those outstanding films that you can’t get our of your head even after years, like American Beauty; yet it was a good effort. It made me learn more about history, American history. It made me learned more about the Kenney’s their ill fates.

So watch it. Watch it because of the stars; watch it because it’s good; or just watch it to learn about the brother who has always been overshadowed by his siblings.

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