Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The Illusionist

Hey, not everyone was born to blog! This is a miracle – me coming out of dormancy to give you more logorrhea. This time it’s about films, since I got an overdosed of that during the holiday season thanks to my beloved. And when I mean overdosed, it is overdosed – by numbers and the amount of bad crap that Hollywood has been churning out.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been funded by any organization or parties to watch more meaningful indie films to comment on. So this is all I have to share.

The first waste of time came in the form of The Illusionist starring one my favorites, Edward Norton; someone I don’t know, Jessica Biel; and a another favorite, Paul Giamatti. I was never tempted to watch the film in the first place as I wanted to keep my eyes and soul pure to be filled with another rather similar but probably better film call The Prestige. Nonetheless, I was convinced to give Edward Norton his 5 bucks and to relish in my current popcorn fad. Thank god for me, I walked in without any expectations and walked out with a slight “wow…that was ok” smile on my face. My film partner, who insisted that we catch this film, was somewhat disappointed.

So boys and girls, what you can derived from the above is that if you want to watch this film, watch it without any expectations, as Buddha says – and you will be rewarded.

Spoilers ahead: read on.

Edward Norton plays an illusionist (can’t help it…DUH) who has fallen in love with someone he’s not supposed to (stop me…DUH) and they try their best against all odds to be together (your turn…). This time, the hero has superpowers...Yay! ...to deceive people...Yay! Yes, he has no magic skills at all – please read the title of the film again. So yes, in the end they live happily ever after. Because they eat chick peas and bath with mineral water.

No. Go watch the film and find out how.

Good points for seeing Edward Norton – acting. Anytime Eddie, anytime. Another merit points for seeing Paul Giamatti fitting in yet another very different role. No point for the film makers or the casting person for picking Jessica Biel just because they can’t get Scarlett Johansson. Consolation points to Jessica Biel for looking splendid in those period dresses.

Yes, it’s worth to obtain the DVD of the movie and if you’re a fan of Norton you should definitely get it for the sake of having something different from him.

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