Friday, January 19, 2007

Romance me…yes, with soft, light flowy fabrics.

Be it a hot short summer dress or just a simple dress spiced up with the unexpected color yellow or just conventionally put together into a shirt with puff sleeve details. Either way, think romantic thoughts and be swept away along with the flows of the weightless fabric and create the illusion that you’re floating as you walk.

Salvatore Ferragamo, Sophia Kosalaki, Ralph Lauren

Next, take a heavier focus on satin. The material itself that speaks volume and elegance at the same time. It accentuates and softens the curves of a woman – heightening both the visual and the touch.

Alberta Ferretti

Badgley Mischka

How can you deny such fabric on your body? Only be careful that the dress, top, pants, or skirt has a certain shape though. For example, wearing a satin shirt that’s shapeless is a NO-NO. Wearing a satin shirt that fits accordingly with definite lines is recommended. Dresses however are allowed a greater leniency. It can look anyway as long that it creates a “wow” effect and not a “granny” effect. Tsk tsk…tread with care and you will look like a princess.

Oscar de la Renta, Renee Zellweger in a vintage Christian Dior, Alberta Ferretti

And last but not least, the Waist look has received its acceptance to have a longer appeal in the fashion scene.

Michael Kors

Not that you have to wear waist pincher, but it does a lot of wonders. You look slimmer, it brings back the waist in women that we seemed to have lost somewhere in the waif fashion when slim fit long tees were fabulous.

Cameron Diaz at Rag & Bone ready-to-wear, Forties Flair

Plus, it spice up nearly everything, a shapeless shirt, a boring t-shirt, a plain dress, as long as you can name it, you can slap on a belt. Just be aware of what material the belt of yours is – it should complement your top/dress of have an interesting but appealing contrast to bring out the snazziness in you.


Alicia said...

How do you know so much? Do you digest the weekly/monthly fashion mags and make deduction from there, or just from the catwalks everywhere? (You're so knowledgeable!)

Do you really follow the trends - can we have pictures of YOU, in these pieces? *grin*

meow said...

No I don't digest them. I'm just a fanatic believer of myself and my choices...Add that with some diligent research and homework from internet and a yearly subscription to a fashion bible...And maybe tuck in another two decades of fashion obsession and you got it ;-)

Meanwhile, I have contemplated about profiling my personal pieces. But decided against, as I think this blog should for now remain an objective blog about the fashion & film worlds through my perspective.

Rather than a "Ooh, look what I've got" bloggorhea.

Portuguese Tart said...

Sad though, if you re able to actually see THE pussycat for herself in her pieces...her blog pics pale in comparison (from an asian perspective).

Nice to include "FASHION" as our topics during our short stint in Brussels, and comparing what we got!

Signs we ve all grown up! And have euros and danish crowns!

Yours pussycat-ly
meowing back!

meow said...

Thanks tart.

Just a sneaky drop of word: I might just profile something of my own. Something special ;-)

No promises, but I will try and use my feline powers to showcase something after February.

alicia said...

2decades of fashion obsession - and I've only started to move away from jeans & shirts 2 years ago! Haha!! Maybe you can showcase your apparels vs the designer brand? Coz those you showcased are damn pricey for a ringgit-earning-girl!

meow said...

I started off my fashion adventure like many other fashionista did - first with any kind of cloth I could find at home, towels, bed sheets, etc. Then I upgraded to my mom's wardrobe until I ruined everything (including the Flash Gordon golden heels and her Lancome's)then I experimented with all types of fashion No-No's and finally finding my your own style somewhere in between there.

Despite profiling pieces from desginers with not-to-be-mentioned prices, these pictures are meant as a guideline and recommendation of styles. I'm sure there are many other brands, designers, and shops that carry these styles as well.

Currently, I'm only profiling the styles that I deem decent and tasteful, not the labels. That's in the future plan. So for now, focus on the style not the name ;-) that's how fashion was meant to be from the beginning anyway...

Nerita said...

Good for people to know.

Anonymous said...

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