Monday, January 15, 2007

In my current fashion directory – being a woman is timeless.

And so here are a few selections which I deem simply beautiful for the person who wants to be woman. Though trends have change and morphed for the better or worst, there will always be something nice to be found somewhere.

For example, the forecast for a sporty spring to return yet again despite a disastrous stint in the late 90’s, serving up a few rather tasteless sportswear that are ambiguous I-can’t-decide-what-I-want-to-be pieces of dresses, tops, and other unmentionables. But somehow among these dismay were a handful of relatively gorgeous dresses and trends.

Following the previous entry about belts and balloon skirts, the fashion scene is still continuing its steady and graceful stride down the 40’s lane.

Carolina Herrera

Same Carolina Herrera dress as defined by Angelina Jolie

Pencil skirts
Every woman should own atleast one pencil skirt, simply because all women should own atleast one skirt and pencil skirts denotes women while flare skirts denotes I’m-too-young-to-have-a-derriere. A pencil skirt is best either reaching just to the knees, showing a little bit of womanly knees that are cleanly scrubbed and evenly colored. Too short and it turns into slutty bitch or bimbo-secretary wannabe. Yes, it’s a thin line but I believe most dignified women would be able to point out where their knees are, unless their breasts are too huge and overshadowed by their blonde hair.

Miu Miu

However, my personal favorite is the calf length pencil skirt. These wonderful skirts have three advantageous – (1) they shape your derriere into a lovely roundness (2) they could also cover those ugly knees that you forgot to scrub AND (3) create a sensuous sleek line over your calves leading the gazer’ view towards your dainty ankles and then heels. Naturally, your feet should be slipped into a killer stiletto or just a skinny heel. Clog heels are discouraged wear if you must...then you should stop reading this blog right now.


Both skirts can be worn with nearly everything except for t-shirts. Satin tops are wonderful - stay tune for more updates on the splendid world of SATIN. No silly, they don't make you look old.

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