Tuesday, April 17, 2007

High Ambitions

So much for complaining about gender weakening heels. We women are hypocrites. We trash the world for creating heels…and then eat our own foot when the fashion industry unapologetically churns out a whole season of killer heels.

This season sees heels take on new heights – repeating what they’ve done before – pushing the feminine feet into a painfully sensuous arch. The Chinese spotted this beauty more than a hundred years ago, but the world condemned it as they weren’t ready for the high fashion China was dictating.

The ambitious heels this season however comes in a slightly considerate version to the ultimate killer stilettos. Wedges and platforms will carry these heels, whether if it’s retro style, punk metallic, or luxurious leather.

Despite its many criticism from the so call “activist”, heels are incontestably a very desired accessory for any woman. Who can turn down the possibility of creating the illusion of long endless legs, dainty ankle, a perkier derriere, that few extra inches of height, etc.

Should you plan an attempt on these life-risking heels, I would advice you to steer clear of the punk metallic. They won’t last – confirm. It’s one of those items that popped out from the fashion factory, which people will one day look back and say – disasters of 2007. Leather, suede, and other luxurious fabrics however are acceptable. If you’re brave, go with one that’s strong in color; like dark blue, plume, red. Otherwise, the conventional brown can also be sexy with tan legs.

Go on, grab one and be above others for awhile. But be smart and practice your walk, your sway, and strengthen those weak ankles before slipping one of these wedges on.

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