Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Sparta 300


Sparta 300 was good. Any girl would tell you that.

A cast that seemed rigidly selected – no abs no role. Every single Sparta man had atleast 6 abs, 6 feet of height, and an absolute epitome of manhood. That was what the film is, not all, but mostly about. Besides the fact that the men were strangely irresistible in their blood red cloaks and brown loin covers.

"What did you say? My loincloth too small?"

"OK lads, look cool now...Oi, flex those abs!"

I thought Gerard Butler played wonderfully as the legendary Leonidas. His powerful masculine voice that growls through the film is simply orgasmic. I wouldn’t mind receiving orders from this man.

Undeniably, the physical attraction element was a bit played out of proportion (explains why all the guys who’ve watched it didn’t like the film). Hey, it's a comic adaptation! But what were also elegantly executed were the battle scenes. The filmmaker tried their best to stay true to the Sparta art of battle though the ending where they all died was rather pathetically intepreted. They obviously died because they didn’t follow the combat tactics that they were supposedly famous for. But alas, they had to die and that was the only way the filmmakers could fantasize it to be.

The splatter expectations were met dutifully (OK, it was a bit soften. Sin City was better). Each splatters were splendidly executed. Oh, and I love those breathtaking leaps that they take before they slice their enemies in halves – top down. The slo-mo, the music (ahhh…I love great film scores!), everything…very powerful! I like.

Simply Balletic!

There were also some somewhat boo-hoo parts in the film. The narrator was successfully the most annoying person in the film and kept that part with his whiny voice. I’m appalled that they didn’t spot that when they cast him in that role. More hilarious was the Brazilian actor who played antagonist Xerxes. 300 aside, Rodrigo Santoro seems to be quite a normal dude (if not dashing as well) outside of the film. But the costume, makeup, and special effects delivered a highly gay, effeminate, whiny, self-centered, psychotic Xerxes. It was quite amusing to actually see Xerxes as a contemporary drag queen who wants everything to be his/her way. Total diva. I couldn’t help but laughed in stifles everytime he appears. Oh, and his freak troupe was exaggerated.




Oohh...and who's this laddie?

SANTORO!!!??? See...I told you.

Otherwise, all in all, I declare this a great girlie flick. If you’ve watched it (regardless of your sexual preference), then good. If you haven’t, it’s a film that must be watch on big screen (seriously, squeezing 300 heavenly men in your puny pc screen?). If you’re miserable and want to save every penny for life’s better good, that’s ok as well.

Oh I forgot. There’s the Oracle factor as a male attraction point.

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