Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Happy Easters Teaser

Like I promised, I will be dishing out more offerings on this season's great looks, spiced along with my opinion on which would be a good investment and how to avoid getting victimized by fashion.

Read well and the fashion lady will be on your side.

Following a red hot entry on the colour RED, I have lined up for you features on
  • Metallic - to shine or not?
  • High ambitions on the killer wedges (they're BACK!)
  • and more... (honestly, I just can't remember what else I wrote, since my notes are at home and I'm sneaking this entry in from work!'s Easters anyway)

But patience my dearies, research is underway as I always and will only give you the truth and the best. Happy Easters and stop playing the bunny. Be an egg for once.

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