Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A year of numbers

- sounds boring.

We (relatively) recently observed the release of 300 and 23; then jumping forward a few more weeks we would have a series of 3’s – Spiderman 3, Pirates 3, and Shrek 3; followed rather swiftly by Harry Potter 5. Oh, and Harry Potter book number 7. Great, maybe then we can save our sanity from going simply crazy over these books.

Numbers have always played a magical role in story telling. The three princesses, the three brothers, the three fairy godmothers, the three witches, the three stooges…you get the idea. Five is probably not far from it either though my 00:27 brain is not entirely up to its optimal processing performance at the moment. I can go on with 7 as in the 7 dwarfs, the 12 princesses…but maybe I should stop before my lack of numerical intelligence reveals more than it should.

In the last 7 days also known as 1 week; I’ve watched two movies with numbers, numberly 23 and 300; both of which I will share duly. Read on.

23 starrs funny man Jim Carrey - sorry, but he just can’t run away with that stigma and neither can his acting unfortunately; as a man who became obsessive and paranoid over the number aforesaid. The film tries to take a conventional approach to paranoia and delivered a conventional twist in this rather stale plot line. Normal man (fatedly) finds interesting book, gets obsess with the story, finds similarity, tries to solve mystery, and then tries to punch you with its lame twist. In fact, it’s not even worth my time writing any recommendation. In short, bad film, waste of money, don’t watch.

Whooo...I can write my name, SPARROW = 23!?

Yar...women and fire, I like!


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