Friday, October 09, 2009


Masculine lines. Boyfriend blazers. Boyfriend jeans. Tuxedos. Androgyny. Tailored shirts. Classic lace-ups.

This list continues endlessly describing one of fashion's favourite trend of turning conventionally masculine pieces into chic feminine styles. Women find it fashionable, very modern and liberating to wear these manly clothes. I myself enjoy mixing it with feminine nuances to contrast, tone down or balance my looks.

But when will our male counterparts get to enjoy the freedom of wearing skirts and the fun of wearing dresses? We've been complaining that fashion has not been turning up anything fresh for years, so how about creating conventionally feminine pieces for men?

Sure, Kurt Cobain wore a dress (on stage) and Marc Jacobs goes around with a kilt-sorta-skirt nowadays. But they're not your boy-next-door.

The Sartorialist recently posted a picture of a very androgynous lady, dressed head to toe in manly styles, and people were commenting on how very chic and feminine she was. She was definitely interesting but feminine and chic, non. What really struck me however, was what if the gender circumstances was turned around, how would people have responded?

Well, there was a recent case, also found on The Sartorialist (hey, he IS listed as one of my two favourite sites), where an Asian guy was wearing some kinda long baggy pants over leggings and trainers. Most people just thought he was woman.

If we can have mannies, we could also have fashionable skirts for men and stylish man-dresses. Now that's something we could use more of in our everyday.

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