Friday, October 09, 2009

What's next Danish Fashion?

While chilling at the gym today, I lazily flipped through Jyllands Posten's (The Danish paper who started the Mohammed Cartoons debacle) business and economics section. Lazily, because reading Danish uses too much energy and business news are not really my cuppa unless it's something scandalous or about Steve Jobs. However, one particular article caught my eyes and got me reading.

Danish fashion needs to go abroad, reads the header, or something along that line.

Basically, the article was about how the Danish fashion industry has fared weathering the financial storm. The industry has shrunk 10% (I think it was export or just in general), 150 strong fashion houses were identified in the country and only a handful of which were truly big corporations. Fashion leaders in the country bid local designers to start looking abroad if they are to survive.

It was interesting because the article came just weeks after I posted my thoughts on the Danish fashion industry and resonated my sentiments.

BUT so much for pointing out the obvious. What about what to do next? Actions? How can we achieve whatever it is we want to achieve or solve whatever it is we want to solve? Any concrete suggestions or steps that we can follow?

Hell, gimme 500 000 dollars and see if I can bring Danish fashion to Asia! Now that's a concrete idea.

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