Friday, October 09, 2009

Stine Goya SS10

If there’s one designer that got it right, it’s Stine Goya.

Goya who unveiled her SS10 collection at the Copenhagen Fashion Week took a bold step forward and away from her usual strong, avant-garde design, to something more subtle, feminine and actually soft. Her immaculate cut and thought through designs were still visible but transferred into pieces that you’d grab off a rack without hesitation.

Flaunting her usual flair for theatrics, Goya brought the fashion crowd to a somewhat off-site location to present her SS10 show – a swimming hall. It was perfect! The audience sat around the step seats in a rectangular hall with an Olympic size pool in the center, and the poolside walkway became a fashionable catwalk for one night. While waiting for the show to start, the audiences were treated to popsicles to ward off the humid summer evening and shimmering synchronized swimmers for a slightly-off-yet-fabulous entertainment.

And when the show started, nearly every piece was a WOW. There were magical colours, glittering details, feminine lines and fluid materials – just like the water in the pool.

This look is still a bit too loose for my taste BUT the prints and patterns! WOW. And you gotta love someone who uses orange so beautifully.

The peplum jacket made a few appearances throughout the show and has somehow gotten stuck on me like a bubblegum. There’s something very classic and feminine about it and makes everything look so chic.

Orange maxi dress with short sleeves and glitters. Give me a belt and I’ll wear it everyday! Give me some jewelries and heels and I’ll wear it to my best friend’s wedding!

Not a big fan of jumpsuits but I love knots. And these knots on the top give the jumpsuit some bonus points.

The ultimate suit dress with gold zipper detailing that even Christian Siriano will approve.


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