Thursday, October 01, 2009

Blast from the Past

I was getting my daily dose of goss from today when I came across a piece about Orlando Bloom and his girlfriend Miranda Kerr.

Miranda Kerr. Miranda Kerr. Miranda Kerr.

Something about that name seems so familiar and it prompted me to Google her up. And as always, Google never fails.

I cannot remember any one of the 20 filthy facts for Leo Lovers but I remember this - Miranda Kerr was the 1997 winner of the Dolly Magazine / Impulse Model Competition in Australia! It probably makes no sense to you but it makes all the sense to me! Since I turned 14 and was allowed a pitiful amount of allowance (seriously, some of my peers were getting like $50 and I was churning out chores at $0.50 per job), I’ve always saved every penny just to buy a magazine. Any magazine as long as it’s glossy and fashion. So apparently, Dolly magazine was one of them. (I also invested in Seventeen and bought my first Vogue when I was 17, when I was able to do more chores and smart enough to negotiate a better rate with mom.)

At that time in 1997, Miranda Kerr was just a sweet young 13 year old. God damn, I was so jealous of her for being so gorgeous already at such a young age. Nearly hated her if not for her oh-so-forgiving dimples that has now become her signature look.

Now in 2009, Miranda is dating Orlando Bloom, Australia’s first Victoria Secret Angel, the 10th top earning model on Forbes list and still ever more beautiful.

I like Miranda Kerr. She has that sweet girl next door charm that makes women like her and men want to talk to her.


Zeekco said...

i have to agree with you. Miranda Kerr is the hottest angel around. Coming close is Gisele! haha..

Meow, you should blog more. Not just in fashion but more on lifestyle stuffs. Like what's hot and whats not in copenhagen!

meow said...

Thanks for the input Zeek! I'll definitely chew on it since I'm now brainstorming on how to make my blog anything but just-another-fashion-blog.