Wednesday, September 30, 2009

In Muggie we trust!

For those of you who enjoy having a little fun in life, trust in Muggie Moscow ( to help you do just that! Michala Jensen, who created Muggie Moscow, comes up with the most out of this world creations that will make your head spin. From her signature star hairbands to her expanding quirky in your face accessories. Here are a few of my favourite picks.

I recently wore this top hat hairband to my birthday tea party where the theme was hats and bow tie. The hairband was an instant hit and fun attraction.

Get dotty in this dalmation inspired silk bow hairband.

Muggie is definitely not afraid to play with colours. This bold blue on pink design gets my nod.

One of her many signature star hairbands.

Dress up your heels and shoes with these party-ready silver sequin galoschers. They also come in stripes and leather for a more "casual" look.


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