Friday, September 25, 2009

Quaintly Blue

Blue and I have history. When my sister and I were growing up, my mom would always buy or sew us the same dresses in pink and blue. (I still haven't found out why specifically those two colours) And somehow, I always end up getting the blue ones. Through many years of conditioning and convincing myself that blue are for girls too, I guess the power of my mind won. Now in my adult years, anything electrically blue will send some kind of shock to my brain reception and trigger a series of chemical reaction that tells me that what is see - is awesome.

Last season's craze with colour was a galore for me and I'm loving the fact that this trend is continuing strongly. A recent visit to (just for inspiration and absolutely no intention of purchasing) ended up with a pseudo-wishlist. Most of them were blue, of course.
Simple yet strong skirt for an impact-ful day or weekend wear. Makes those difficult to match tops suddenly very versatile.

I'm still somewhat in doubt with these suede boots. But the colour, ahh, so alluring.
There's something about these 19th century English boots that's very Oliver Twist and Helena Bonham Carter. Quaint and crazy, in a nice way. A challenging style not for everyone, especially if you think you have larger than average legs. Otherwise, the laced up boots makes an interesting twist to the also classic tapered pants.

This grey t-shirt dress reminds me of a specific top from Marc by Marc Jacobs, also an embellished t-shirt. The dress brings a slightly more fabulous touch to your easy weekend wear with it's sparkling colours. Pair it with leggings, simply accessories and boots to complete the look.

And these chic stripe fingerless arm warmer to keep my hands warm in the winter while I type away on my laptop.


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