Thursday, September 03, 2009

Lost (and found) in Transition

I read somewhere last year that the age of blogging will peak in 2009 and go downwards from there. With Twitter and Facebook in sight, this prediction might be realized sooner than we think – or just be proven untrue. Being one who constantly keep an open mind towards new technology and advancement (or just pure fear of being “old” and closed towards progress), I welcome all possibilities. Something which has been in my thoughts the past months when I saw the growing breaks between entries.

Which brings to me to my next point.

During my hiatus, I’ve been reflecting and trying to find an answer to why I haven’t been inspired to come up with an entry this whole time. To call it plainly – I was finding excuses. Trust me, there were many half written entries that never made it. Somehow, I tend to change my mind midway or became my own worst critic. And I believe now that this has a lot to do with me taking on my dream job back in November 2008.

On November 2008, I achieved the first part of my dream to work with fashion. I was hired to work in a newly established PR agency that became the world’s first online luxury showroom. It was a match made in fashion heaven – my IT background and passion for fashion brought the perfect combination for the position. Before this job, it was always a little work here and there, mostly indirect and unofficial. So when this job finally happened, it was like a dream come true (so cliché). With a lot of realities of course – like working for free and taking everything else as a bonus.

Through this job, I was opened to the world of fashion in Copenhagen. Sure it’s not Paris, Milan or New York, but still it was fashion and I loved every bit of it (still do!). Though there were lots of discoveries but funnily enough, the fashion industry is pretty much like what we all imagine it to be. What I did not expect was the personal change that I’d be going through.

A few weeks into the job, I realized that I was having issues defining my style. If you look back at my past entries, you will see a clear pattern of anything feminine, elegant and classy. Now, I’m not so sure if that’s all there’s to it. This change has affected my choices for daily wear (making the question “What to Wear” even more complicated) and shopping a challenging process. By working in fashion, the opportunity has given me the freedom and space that I’ve always dreamt of – to experiment and be adventurous in styling and clothing. Creating new combinations and rediscovering clothes that were once considered too “avant-garde” for the office space. As novice as it may sound, these revelations are always humbling.

However, this transition (which I’m still going through!) has left me a bit in doubt on what I want to express on this blog. My thoughts and opinions are in transition. What I considered less before now has greater meanings. I find this interesting and exciting at the same time – and maybe I wish this process will continue as long as it doesn’t become too confusing.

With that in mind, I’d like to invite you to take this journey with me in discovering this blog’s identity and my style transition.

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